Harbourside Massage Clinic Manly NSW
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“...I have experienced an amazing relief in my sciatic discomfort after regular visits to Harbourside. I used to get awful aching in my lower back and legs but with Janet's healing touch, thank goodness, those days are in the past...”
Marta Healy
“...I'm an accountant and spend over 50 hours a week over my desk. Without my weekly massage I just couldn't cope with the daily grind...”
Alan Smith
“...Feels like a miracle, I am over the moon and have started running again...”
Laura Stegner
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Benefits of Massage. The benefits of remedial massage include improved circulation, reduced soft tissue swelling (where present), the break down of scar tissue after injury, reduced muscle tension or spasm and a general feeling of well-being.
Massage can be both relaxing and invigorating. Remedial massage helps release the tension accumulated in your body from a stressful and demanding lifestyle.
Massage can help to increase the range of motion and ease away aches and pains by breaking up adhesians in muscles and connective tissue.

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